“Thank you so much for your great work. I was pleased and impressed with your prompt service, friendly attitude and work efficiency.”

– Hank Troy, Homeowner

“Just a quick note of appreciation for your services. We’ve been quoted anywhere from $5,000-$15,000 to fix our “alleged” sewer problem. Your inspection revealed it was just a concentration of tree roots 81’ out. A $100 dollar problem verses $5,000 – $15,000. You can’t imagine our relief.”

– Greg & Lise Almon

“Thank you so much for the incredible service. Not only did you save me $8,500 in unnecessary sewer line repairs, but you also saved the sale of my house.”

– C. Autson, Lakewood, CO

“The warranty on my new home was about to expire when I called Hydro Physics®. Using their high tech equipment, they found not one, but two severe breaks in my sewer line. Thanks for saving me a bundle!”

– V. Rosa, Homeowner, Sedalia, CO

“Hydro Physics® saved me $60,000 and what would have been 7 days of complete turmoil for our tenants… I highly recommend Hydro Physics® to all my friends in commercial real estate management and investment.”

– C. Maniatis, PJJB, LLC

“We greatly appreciate the expertise and quality work provided by Hydro Physics® in a timely fashion… we definitely look forward to working with you on future projects.”

– Sharath Murthy, Project EngineerStructural Preservation Systems, Elkridge, MD

“We had trouble locating a persistent sewer gas smell. Thanks to Hydro Physics®’ knowledge and equipment, we were able to pin-point the source of the problem saving our customer a lot of money in unnecessary repairs.”

– Steve Class, President, 1st Class Plumbing

“After having a “locate” done by another firm… we found they were at least 5 feet off. We only wish we had called Hydro Physics® first. You would have saved us a bunch of time and money.”

– Gary Auten, Lakewood, CO

“I want to thank you for saving me thousands of dollars by correctly identifying my plumbing problem which had been wrongly diagnosed. Without your service, I would have hired a contractor to break up my concrete floor to fix a “broken pipe” that didn’t exist.”

– Bruce Schroeder, Owner

We have had the pleasure of working with Hydro Physics® for the past several years. The information they provide is invaluable because it allows us to determine the exact source of the sewer line problem. This, in turn, has saved us thousands of dollars in unnecessary repair costs.”

– Jane Ann Johnson, V.P. Preferred Management Services

“I’m so glad I found out about Hydro Physics®. I had to make absolutely sure a sewer line was intact. Without your service I would have had to jackhammer out 25 feet of 8 inch concrete to check this line out. With your service I got both the answer and proof I needed in only 45 minutes. Please send me more business cards for my associates.”

– Margaret Bussaed, Property Manager/Owner

“When I first contacted you, I was skeptical – I wanted a contractor who could do both the inspection and the repair work, as my thinking was I would get a break on the entire cost of the job. However, after you came and did the inspection, I realized just how much more reliable it is to have someone who is not susceptible to finding work where there is none. That went a long way to making this experience much more palatable. Thank you for an outstanding job.”

– John Levins, Property Owner

“I lucked out when Hydro Physics® was recommended to me… I can’t think of any money better spent.”

– Jane Wisneki, Homeowner